September Message



September – traditionally the month when we expect summer to change into autumn.  After what had seemed like the longest and coldest winter that many of us could remember, with snow in at least four consecutive months, we then had an equally chilly spring that gave us an unexpectedly warm and sunny May Day bank holiday.  This led in turn to weeks and weeks and weeks of hot dry weather, which as I write is still with us as we move into August. The short interludes of grey skies and minimal rain have been barely enough to settle the dust.  As a keen gardener, I know what a struggle the garden has been this year, and feel for the farmers whose livelihoods are so dependent on weather conditions.  Our seasonal weather seems evermore unpredictable. It seems that we can have anything at any time and in any quantity.        
The Word of God tells us in the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:  ‘For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.’   We know that one day the clouds will gather and the rain will come and it probably won’t know when to stop when it does.

Whether it is the seasons of the natural world or the seasons of our own lives, there is so often little that we can do about such things.  Later in the same chapter of Ecclesiastes, the writer suggests that we must learn to be content with uncertainty in this life and trust in the sovereign God who has ‘made everything beautiful for its own time.  He has planted eternity in the human heart.’  We live in a beautiful and yet often broken world where things are far from perfect, but as God’s people we are called to depend on and trust in all that God promises to do, not only for eternity but in our time as well, because in his promises we can have complete certainty.

Trish Calvert.
Authorised Lay Minister.     

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in September, 9am at St Mary's Knockin
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 13th September, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley