October Message

Hello all!

This month has two special annual services at which we can look back and remember; one with celebration and thanksgiving; the other with sadness and celebration mixed together.

The first is Harvest; each year we can rather take it for granted that in rainy Britain, crops will always grow, and grow well, each Summer, with a great harvest each Autumn, but as farmers in particular saw, 2018 has suffered the worst impact of climate change to date; what some of us enjoyed as a glorious Summer, meant some farmers have really struggled, and it could have been a complete disaster for all, had the rains not started again when they did. In the end some harvests were gathered in. For that and the earth which, properly managed, could provide for ALL people, we celebrate; and we also pray that our world will take climate change even more seriously before this Summer becomes normal for every year and we stop having harvests to celebrate! So join us at any of our harvest services on October 7th or 14th.

The second, on Sunday October 21st at 4.00 pm, is our Annual Memorial service at St Mary’s, Kinnerley; it’s a simple, quiet service for anyone who has been bereaved, whether in the last year or at any time before, along with others who want to remember, with love, and sadness. If you have anyone you would wish remembered at that service, please send me their name(s) to aplsmith@outlook.com and they will be included.

Do join us for either or both of these services; and you are always welcome to come and share with us at any of our churches services!
God bless, and I look forward to seeing you there,

Andy (Interim) Rector   

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in October, 9am at St John's Maesbrook
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 11th October, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley