November Message

Hello all!

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, ………” and of course we still celebrate Guy Fawkes’ day, mostly, blithely, forgetting what the symbolism of burning a Guy meant!

This month we remember something at least as important, but for very different reasons, and this year it has more significance than any of us will remember, the end of the first World War, exactly a century ago.

It’s why we now have a soldier silhouette on the green outside the church as do thousands of places across the nation. It’s both a reminder to us of the the terrible cost of war and the ongoing need for peace.

World War One was supposed to be the ‘War to end wars’ and that was the key reason King George V inaugurated the events of Nov 11 each year, that we come together to remember that cost, that we never lightly enter into conflict again.

“Remember, remember….” But not just the fifth of November. Come and join us we pray for peace on the 11th, and you are always welcome to come and share with us at any of our church services!

God bless, and I look forward to seeing you there,

Andy (Interim) Rector

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in November, 9am at St John's Maesbury
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 11th November, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley