St John's Church, Maesbrook

St John's Maesbrook is committed to Safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies. Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Graeme Ross and he can be contacted on 01691 680302

Built in 1878, St John's is a simple building (unlisted), unspoilt by piecemeal accretions, and structurally in good condition. It makes an excellent setting for quiet reflective services, small (seating 75) country weddings, and small scale concerts (early music, folk, ukulele band, West End Gallery hymns).

The church has always been kept open during the daytime, and often people – both local and those coming from a distance to tend family graves - will come into the church for a moment of quiet.

We have a good relationship with the Methodist chapel in the village, and for many years have alternated the Christmas Carol Service between the two churches. In the past we shared the monthly praise service, once again alternating between church and chapel.